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Table covered in plates and bowls filled with colorful foods.

Cooking with Ottolenghi

by Kristen B. Something kind of funny happened at the holidays: every member of my family was gifted a cookbook. I’m not sure if this is in recognition that we all like to play in the kitchen or the need to find some new recipes as we have grown seriously bored with our old usuals. … Continue reading Cooking with Ottolenghi

The cover is turquoise with white lettering. Scattered around the edges are faded photographs of family scenes indicative of the 1960s, including a car and a small child peering through a window.

The Daughters of Erietown

By Julie F. Connie Schultz is one of my favorite columnists; her sweet daily reminders on Twitter to “breathe” are a vital moment each evening in a busy routine. Her debut novel, a summer highlight, is full of moments reflecting on the secrets and struggles of working-class families in Ohio, from 1956 through 1994.  Brick … Continue reading The Daughters of Erietown

A repeating pattern of blocky robots in dark purple form the background behind bright yellow staggered letters of the title and author.

Listening List: Six science fiction novels with great audiobooks

By Becky W. I love listening to audiobooks. Anytime I have the option to occupy my ears (driving, washing dishes, mowing the lawn), you can be sure an audiobook is playing in the background. Despite all the benefits of audiobooks, sometimes when we finally get a book that’s been on hold for six weeks – … Continue reading Listening List: Six science fiction novels with great audiobooks

Two hands joined by hooking thumbs. The hand on the left is White and has the word "Learn" on the palm. The hand on the right is Black and says "Act."

Racial Equity: Collecting Stories in our Community

By Katie DiSalvo-Thronson With respect to racism, tell us about a time in the last six months you had an experience and thought “things have got to change.” All of us have a story to tell, and we’d like to hear yours!   HCLS wants to provide community engagement and education that advances equity and connects people … Continue reading Racial Equity: Collecting Stories in our Community

Against a deep night sky and the hint of a tree in the bottom left corner appear the words: Survival is Insufficient, with a narrow rule dividing the lines.

Pandemic Reads

By Eric L. If you’re reading this, you probably like books. And you may, like me, find and pick stories to read that you can relate to irrespective of time and place. That said, thanks to the fantastic members of my HCLS book discussion group (Read. Think. Talk. First Monday of the month at 7 pm) for suggesting Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel … Continue reading Pandemic Reads

Collage of five titles. Young, Gift, and Black has a bright yellow background with green, red, and white decorations and two busts of Black men. Some Places More than Others shows a woman with a ponytail and a scarf walking trough a city. The Fierce 44 has a blue background and a handwritten list of the 44 people featured in the book. The Harlen Charade has the title on a sheet on a laundry line outside of fire escape. Ghost has a bright yellow cover, almost empty except for the figure running off the right edge of the book on top of the title.

Celebrate Black History Month with #ELKReads

by HCLS Elkridge staff Black History Month has been observed during February in the United States since 1976, when it was first officially recognized by President Gerald Ford. Ford invited Americans to, “seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of Black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history.” We invite you … Continue reading Celebrate Black History Month with #ELKReads


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