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A pale blue background has an illustrated cover with purple wisteria twining up the sides, containing a tea cup and a house among the flowers. They from the title and and a well dressed couple standing back to back with pistols at the ready.

Piracy and Good Manners, or Silliness and Romance

by Kristen B. Piracy, historically and currently, is really not something that good guys do. However, the Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels practices a variation of piratical nonsense that could have stepped out of an Austen novel (or maybe Bronte?). Lady Scoundrels don’t sail ships – they have access to a magic incantation that allows … Continue reading Piracy and Good Manners, or Silliness and Romance

Picture of a brightly painted fence and marigolds in a lushly green garden, with a painted sign that reads "Edible Landscape" and a smaller one that reads, "A garden of vegetables, flowers, and herbs."

Let’s Share Seeds

by Ann H. Seeds have been saved and shared since people began growing food. It’s a practice valued by farmers and gardeners worldwide. Every fall, as the weather turns crisp and my plants start to fade and dry, I check for seeds before too many birds have beat me to it. Sunflowers, zinnias, marigolds, and … Continue reading Let’s Share Seeds

Provided by Penguin Random House: a red background with white type, "Read the Entire Series" then the four covers in the series featuring illustration of the main characters and fantastical creatures.

Trilogy and Beyond

by Monae R. Kelley Armstrong, a Canadian writer born in 2001, completed a wonderful children’s series in June 2022. Originally an author for teens and adults, her Royal Guide to Monster Slaying series, illustrated by Xavière Daumarie, comes as a nice refreshment for children. The first book, A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying (followed by … Continue reading Trilogy and Beyond

Shows an armed company with their gear walking across a sandy landscape.

Veterans Recommend Books

by Rohini G. Veterans, both active and retired military, participated in a recent online book discussion series. During five monthly facilitated sessions, conversations centered on military experiences and a unique set of readings, which included classics, fiction, memoirs, poetry, short stories, articles, and essays. The readings related in some way to military experiences or offered a veteran’s … Continue reading Veterans Recommend Books


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