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Libby Lends to Listeners! More eAudiobooks available via RBdigital

by Kim M. Do you listen to eAudiobooks via RBdigital? Do you know Libby? If not, it’s definitely time to download the app to your phone and/or eReader! It’s the easy access point for eBooks and eAudiobooks, and it just got better. All of the RBdigital eAudiobooks are available via the Libby app (as of … Continue reading Libby Lends to Listeners! More eAudiobooks available via RBdigital

Orange-red toned photographic image of a young woman, Hillary Rodham, in her 20s.

Understanding Hillary

By Cherise T. An alternative Hillary universe is one many of us have contemplated often since 2016. Sittenfeld’s Rodham offers ample facts within the reimagined history to satisfy both political junkies and historical fiction lovers. The writing is solidly engaging, creating a Hillary that in many ways I felt I knew.  The story opens possibilities … Continue reading Understanding Hillary

Voting Matters

by Emily T. Election Day is fast approaching!  Are you one of the 46,120 Howard County voters who have already requested their mail-in ballot?1 Because of the pandemic, all Marylanders have more options for how to vote to make the process safer and easier, but election deadlines are hard and fast. So, choose your path … Continue reading Voting Matters

Tackling National History Day

By Deborah B. It’s not cheating!  September is around the bend, bringing refrigerators adorned with leaf collages, stink bugs, and virtual football parties with snacks of imaginary calories. It also catapults middle and high school students into the vast expanse that is the National History Day Project, a year-long exploration of an historical topic where … Continue reading Tackling National History Day

Read While Isolated

by Piyali C. At the beginning of the pandemic, I found it difficult to focus on books. It seemed like Emily St. John Mandel’s dystopian novel, Station Eleven was playing out right in front of me. However, when physical distancing became a part of our daily routine, I took to reading so I could escape … Continue reading Read While Isolated

The picture shows a handheld chalkboard with "Back to School" written on it in cursive with white chalk. The chalk is resting on the chalkboard.

Books for Back to School

by Sarah C. Ahhhh, back to school, it’s that time of the year, folks – yes, it will be a different kind of school compared to last fall, but we can still read some great books as school starts. I’ve got a selection here of my latest faves for your enjoyment and education: Amazons, Abolitionists … Continue reading Books for Back to School

The photograph shows a white plastic bag against a gray background, with "Thank You" embossed on it repeatedly in red lettering.

Plastic Bags Upcycling

by Kimberly J. In the United States alone, it is estimated that 100 billion plastic bags are consumed each year. I’m guessing that we all have a few extra laying around the house, saved up from the last grocery trip, or hiding in a cupboard or box. Why not try upcycling them? Upcycling is the … Continue reading Plastic Bags Upcycling


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