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The photograph shows three students, two girls and a boy, looking at their laptops while sitting on a blanket outdoors.

My Teen is Bored! – Part 2

A frazzled parent’s guide to keeping your teen learning with the most powerful card in their wallet – their library card! By Lori C. My last post explored the many fun and engaging ways to expand on your teen’s interests and hobbies with our online eResources. Let’s explore how your high school student can supplement their learning goals and expand their academic success with … Continue reading My Teen is Bored! – Part 2

Three students seated in front of a laptop point at images on the screen.

My Teen is Bored!

By Lori C. The traditional summer job or internship probably didn’t appear as an option this year, so what’s a bored teen to do? And how’s a frazzled parent going to keep them occupied while social distancing?  Now’s the time for your teen to fully utilize the most powerful card in their wallet – their library … Continue reading My Teen is Bored!

Black and white photo from the 1950s or 60s with James Baldwin in the center, wearing a suit and sunglasses. Title appears below photo withe the word Negro in read.

I Am Not Your Negro

Review by Eric L. The title itself should take you back to a time and parlance that we, as a country of “free” citizens, should have moved past long ago. Sadly, we have not.  I am Not Your Negro is a great introduction to James Baldwin. Filmmaker Raoul Peck worked on the project for nearly a decade (a recent article by Peck in The Atlantic entitled James … Continue reading I Am Not Your Negro


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