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The book cover depicts someone tearing through the pages of a book as if through a curtain, with a dark abyss behind and a bare arm reaching from inside the book.

The Library of the Unwritten by A.J. Hackwith

By Eliana H. “Hell is a series of hallways.” I think I can believe that. In The Library of the Unwritten, author A.J. Hackwith imagines not only Hell, but a variety of realms of the afterlife, down to the bureaucracy that governs them. Claire Hadley has been Hell’s Librarian for a few decades now. She runs the Unwritten Wing, home to all of the stories that authors never actually … Continue reading The Library of the Unwritten by A.J. Hackwith

A Black man and a woman wearing a headscarf sit in front of a computer, discussing what they see on the screen. Text reads: You're up to the test.

Empower Your College and Career Planning with the Testing & Education Reference Center

By Kim M. Taking standardized tests, choosing the right college, and planning for a career can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when so much is uncertain. You can control your preparation and research, though, ensuring the best possible outcome. Preparing thoroughly helps to eliminate anxiety and build confidence in your test performance and decision making. Testing … Continue reading Empower Your College and Career Planning with the Testing & Education Reference Center

The cover depicts a group of smiling cartoon adults and children, with faces and clothing in vibrant primary and secondary colors, and two smiling dogs.

A Time to Give Thanks

By Laci R. I truly believe in the importance of taking time to reflect on what makes us feel thankful – what fills our hearts with joy. I’ve compiled some of my favorite picture books for the Thanksgiving holiday, traditions that accompany it, and thankfulness in general that I hope you enjoy sharing with the … Continue reading A Time to Give Thanks

The book cover depicts three people in silhouette seated on a bridge, overlooking the water, with bright sunshine in the center behind a partially cloudy sky.

We Need Diverse Books

By Alan S. I know that is a groundbreaking title there. Anyway, this post is a personal illustration of connecting with book characters because they are like me. Before anyone else can point it out – yes, I am a white guy. Yes, I am a white, heterosexual male. Yes, there are many books about … Continue reading We Need Diverse Books

Piles of books sit each in front of a brown paper bag.

Bundle Up

By Cherise T. Do you miss browsing our library shelves? Settling into a cozy chair to explore a stack of books and deciding which to check out and take home? Filling your bag with books by new authors, DVDs for that sitcom your daughter thought you’d love, CDs by a band you’ve been hearing on the radio? If so, Howard County Library System’s Bundle Bags will bring you joy, information, … Continue reading Bundle Up

The photograph depicts a recruiter and a job seeker at a career fair looking at a presentation board.

Charge Up Your Career

By Rohini G. Whether you are stepping into a career for the first time, looking to accelerate your growth, or seeking a change in direction, check out our upcoming Employment and Workforce Development series. Through a series of workshops being offered from November through January, HCLS has partnered with the UMBC Career Center to discuss … Continue reading Charge Up Your Career

A diverse group of men and women in uniform from the different armed services standing in a V formation, with the United States flag being held by the person at the front. Illustration.

Veterans Day and Vonnegut

By Eric L. We celebrate Veterans Day today, November 11, and it’s not just an extra day off each year. As a young person, I didn’t realize the significance of the date and why it doesn’t float like similar holidays. Veterans Day was not explained to me in school; in fact, the significance of the First World War wasn’t very clear until I took a college-level … Continue reading Veterans Day and Vonnegut

Deep read theater curtain

Book Theater

By Cherise T. If you’re like me, you really miss live theater. The Playbills. Waiting for the curtain to rise, the actors to appear. Entering another world. Audiobooks can offer a similar exhilarating trip. Recently, some audiobooks go beyond one or two readers. They offer a whole cast of performers who immerse you in the books’ texts like … Continue reading Book Theater


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