Let’s Celebrate! Birthday Books

The book cover shows the title with a tabby kitten, Bernice, beneath. She is wearing a blouse and a peach jumper and has her hands on her hips. A green party hat lies on the floor next to her.

 By Laci R.
A favorite class of mine to conduct at the library is called The Unbirthday Party. Everyone has one birthday, but all the other days of the year are reason enough to commemorate your unbirthday! The class is a place for everyone to celebrate by enjoying themed books, songs, and party games/activities. The world might observe birthdays a little differently right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate at all. These two picture books, personal favorites of mine, can even become part of the celebration when given as gifts to be enjoyed for years to come. 
Bernice Gets Carried Away by Hannah Harrison
It’s a dreary day, and the weather suits Bernice’s mood just fine. This cat gets even grumpier as the forest birthday party festivities begin. Waiting for your slice of cake is like wondering whether you’ve hit the lottery. Will you get a corner piece? A frosting rose?… or a plain white square from the middle, like Bernice? When the drinks are distributed, everyone gets ice cold strawberry-melon soda. Too bad all that’s left for Bernice is prune-grapefruit… and it’s warm. Bernice doesn’t even get a turn hitting the pinata before someone else breaks it open and candy flies everywhere. Even then, all that Bernice can find is a gumball that someone stepped on. Bernice decides enough is enough and takes matters into her own hands. When the balloons are brought out, Bernice grabs them all and gets lifted into the sky. She reaches a brooding rain cloud and decides to share some of her vibrant balloon bouquet. Everything immediately starts to look and feel brighter for Bernice and those around her. Giving balloons away one by one to friends who need them along the way, Bernice makes it back down to the ground. With an improved mood and lots of sharing, the party ends in the sunshine with friends. This story is a favorite due to the relatability of getting the undesired cake slice, the expressive faces of all the animal partygoers, the stunning color palette, and the opportunity to talk about feelings and emotions in a natural way.  

The book cover shows a little boy, his animal guests in party hats, his birthday cake, and multicolored balloons and pennants.

The Backwards Birthday Party by Tom Chapin 
At the backwards birthday party, everything is out of whack. A wild pack of guests arrive and say “Good-bye,” with the cake served soon after. Clothes are on inside out, someone is heating up the ice cream, and the donkey is the one pinning the tail today. The longer the party goes, the earlier it gets: with time running backwards, the party ends before it starts. The birthday boy says “Hello,” pushes the guests out the door, and returns to his room once more. The silliness in this book is wholesome and delightful. There’s never a shortage of cheer throughout this unconventional day as friends all come together and have a blast. The story is told in a rhyming melodic tone because the words are lyrics to a song! Sheet music can be found on the inside of the front and back cover.   

Want to have a backwards-themed birthday celebration for the child in your life? Try writing the letters or words on the cake backwards, hang non-helium balloons with ribbon from the ceiling, and invite guests to dress with their clothes inside out.
Birthdays (and unbirthdays) are cause for festivity. The great thing about any celebration is that it can look however you like; I just wouldn’t suggest heating up the ice cream! I hope these stories make it into your reading routine, as they’re sure to be favorites enjoyed any day of the year.   

Laci is a Children’s Instructor and Research Specialist at HCLS. They love a wide variety of music, spending time in the garden, Halloween, cats, and crafting. Their “to read” list is always full of graphic novels and picture books.