The Lost History of Frederick Douglass in Howard County

Fine-line black and white print of Frederick Douglass

Tue, Nov 1 at 7 pm
Elkridge Branch & online
Register and learn more:

Internationally known, in life and afterlife, on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean as an orator, abolitionist, editor, suffragist and American reformist, the history and placement of Frederick Douglass in Howard County has not been fully recognized and discussed.

Following the Civil War, Frederick Douglass was invited to speak in Howard County on several occasions. Learn about the relationships and associations Douglass had with several notable Howard County citizens within local and national reform circles of politics, higher education, suffrage, and the church. The presentation includes maps, prints, letters, newspapers, photographs, and other ephemera from local, regional, and national collections and archives. Learn more about Douglass and his connections to local railroads, Wayman Grove, Irving Park, Annapolis Junction, local educators, local preachers, local politicians, local suffragists and students attending Howard University in Washington, D.C. from Howard County, including Ellicott City and Simpsonville.


John Muller is the author of Frederick Douglass in Washington, DC: The Lion of Anacostia and Mark Twain in Washington, DC: The Adventures of a Capital Correspondent. For the past decade Muller has presented widely on the local history of Frederick Douglass and contributed hundreds of articles to local and national print and online news sources, including the Washington Informer. Muller and Justin McNeil are co-founders of Lost History Associates and currently at work on forthcoming publications on Frederick Douglass in several specific regions and communities in the Mid-Atlantic area.

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