National Library Week: 5 Things

What are your 5 Things? Five photos against an orange backdrop: Native American Heritage Celebration, Poject Literacy, Spelling Bee, children's class, and from Evening in the Stacks.

While books are at the center of any library’s collection, libraries are about so much more!  

Can you name 5 Things that the library offers (other than books)?

We’ve been asking this question recently – and it’s fun to see some responses, especially in light of this year’s National Library Week theme: There’s More to the Story. Everyone has a slightly different answer – we’ve been asking our managers, but you might encounter the social media team in a branch sometime soon. You can find some answers in the source magazine and on our website.

Your library card opens a world of possibilities and remains true to our mission of Public Education for All. 5 Things lists have mentioned these and others:

  • classes and events
  • language learning
  • passport services
  • STEAM and Literacy activity kits
  • arts and crafts
  • digital media
  • DIY tools
  • Art and photo prints
  • toys and ukuleles

So, let us know … how do you use the library? What are your favorite 5 Things?

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